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homemade chicken broth

             I rarely make the same broth twice, generally I just use what ever is available in my garden or the produce drawer of my frig.  The first photo at the top left I included tomatoes from the  garden, the second has apples from my next door neighbors tree and the […]


Master baker Steven Scott

Last month Laurie and I shot a story on Steven Scott and AMAZINGLY talented baker in Boulder, Colorado for The Urban Almanac.   His bread is truly some of the most artfully prepared, complex and completely addicting bread you will ever put in your mouth.  Check out the full story on this months addition of […]


Rock and Rye

This cold and flu season has been a little rough on our family.  Thankfully we have mostly just had bad colds, but I had a cold over Thanksgiving that I was sure would never end!    For some time now I have been on the hunt for an elixer that would not only soothe but […]


mouse trap pickles

Planting season is just around the corner and I am starting to plan my driveway garden.  Last year I grew some fun new heirloom gherkin cucumbers called “West India Burr Gherkins” .  They are a crunchy tart  gherkin with a prickly skin and a very long stem.  When I picked the first batch of these […]


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