I am a Colorado girl through and through! I grew up in the suburbs of Littleton, moved away briefly in my early 20ʼs and then back again in the early 90ʼs to stay. My passions have always been all that is domestic. My mother is a “master homemaker” and my dad a “master gardener”. I grew up in a home filled with sweet comforting aromas, beautiful dishes and doilies ,crisp ironed linens and baskets of fresh vegetables at the back door.

My earliest memory of creating and styling a dish was when I set up a restaurant in our basement where I served my eager patrons (mom and dad) the one and only item on the menu which was a under-baked “baked apple” cored out in the middle with melted butter and brown sugar. Served up in a simple bowl with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. It may have even had a sprig of mint on it.

I have come a long way since my basement restaurant days and have made many more dishes – some just as simple – and some I could not have imagined attempting unless asked. I believe I have had success because of my passion for all that is savory, all that is sweet and all that is so beautiful and flavorful that it compels you to create a stage for it to be admired and enjoyed.

I have been a food stylist for the past 4 years and a caterer for the 4 before that. I have styled nine cookbooks as well as some magazine work. Every day I find joy and inspiration from my always entertaining and colorful family. I use my creativity in figuring out how to conquer big ideas in a small kitchen. I use my patience in trying to grow a sustainable garden in the only patch of sunlight I have, my driveway. I use my love for people and community in my volunteer work at my childrenʼs school where I am a co-leader of our school garden, there I am also able to share my knowledge of food through garden cooking demonstrations and planting vegetables with the kids.

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