Beet Soup

Beet Soup

My sweet friend stopped by with a gift of fresh golden beets and corn from the local farmers market this weekend.  My kids and husband of course LOVE corn but the beets are a much harder sell.   I on the other hand LOVE beets and my head spins with the many delectable ways I can prepare them.  In the end I decided to subdue my urge to make them right away and rather save them until there is a chill in the air and fresh local produce is harder to come by.  The recipe I made is one of the simplest and best recipes I have in my collection.   Preparation is easy and clean up is a breeze because you only need a pot and a immersion (or standard) blender.  Try it!  You will make it again and again I guarantee it!  The recipe is from the November 2009 issue of Gourmet magazine in the “Good Living” ” Cooking” section.  It is called Scarlet Carrot Soup because in the original recipe it calls for red beets but it is just as beautiful with any other color.


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  1. jaala says

    so happy you found a great way to savor the beets! i made this soup last year per your suggestion and it was amazing. i will have to make it again when my carrots are ready late summer/fall. loving your blog (and your jelly – just finished a fabulous pb&j thanks to you).


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