Fillmore Honey

Fillmore Honey

Earlier in the summer while chatting in front of my home with one of my neighbors I noticed a swarm of what I thought were flies across the street in another neighbors lawn.   When I commented on the swarm my friend told me they were in fact bees, not flies.  The majority of the bees were in a giant pile clinging to the side of a Elm tree. While seeing a swarm of bees was incredibly fascinating the thought of them taking up residence on Fillmore St. was a little un-nerving.   As it turns out we have quite a collection of clever and resourceful women living on our block  and sure enough one of those lovely forward thinking ladies called a bee keeper, built a bee hive and managed to corral them all into the cozy box beautifully situated  in the middle of her  perennial garden.  Fast forward a few months to last week when my clever neighbor and now veteran bee keeper (Lois)  presented  me with my very own golden jar of honey!!  It is sweet and smooth and has a distinct floral tone that I cannot quite put my finger on but will continue to put my finger in until I figure out its origin.  Talk about “eating local”!

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  1. Laurie Smith says

    I love all that you have to say about beets and cherries and driveway gardens and really local honey! Your stories and photographs put me in a sentimental state of mind…mostly because I can just imagine being there with you in the kitchen, in the garden and in the orchard.

    Keep those blogs coming! xo


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