mouse trap pickles

mouse trap pickles

Planting season is just around the corner and I am starting to plan my driveway garden.  Last year I grew some fun new heirloom gherkin cucumbers called “West India Burr Gherkins” .  They are a crunchy tart  gherkin with a prickly skin and a very long stem.  When I picked the first batch of these prickly little gems I looked down at them in my basket and thought they looked like tiny angry mice so the idea for “mouse trap pickles” came about.  I only made three jars because it was a little time consuming putting all the little carrot ears on and getting them jammed in the jars without them falling off but the results are really cute and it will be fun serving them next to a sandwich this summer.  To make these pickles just follow any good dill pickle recipe.   Cut thin circular slices off any small carrot for the mouse ears, then make small slices in the cucumber where you want the ears to be and stick the slices in.  I just poked holes where I wanted it to look like eyes and then gently stuffed them in the jars. If you want to grow these cucumbers at home you can get the seeds at





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