Rock and Rye

Rock and Rye

This cold and flu season has been a little rough on our family.  Thankfully we have mostly just had bad colds, but I had a cold over Thanksgiving that I was sure would never end!    For some time now I have been on the hunt for an elixer that would not only soothe but also help with the dry endless cough that  lasts for weeks after my cold has ended.    Unfortunately, I did not come across this recipe until after I was feeling better, but I must admit that since making it  I have been tempted to throw caution to the wind and not wipe down the handle on my grocery cart just so I can test it out .  This recipe apparently dates back to the 20th century when bartenders would add rock candy or rock candy syrup to “smooth out the bite of a young rye.” Since then it has been revised many times and the modern concoction includes fresh slices of orange and lemon as well as a variety of herbs and spices.  My mom has suggested several times in the past when I had a bad cold that I try whisky honey and lemon as an expectorant.  I do not like the strong taste of whiskey  and the honey and lemon did little to change my mind, but this recipe with the candy, citrus and spices is just what the doctor ordered!

To make Rock and Rye at home combine the following ingredients in a 4 qt jar and let steep at room temperature for 2 days or up to a month.

1 liter rye whiskey, 8 oz. rock candy, 4 oz. Luxardo cherry syrup, 12 whole cloves, 3 whole star anise, 3 sticks cinnamon, 1 orange, thinly sliced, and one lemon, thinly sliced.



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  1. Laurie Smith says

    YUM! Can’t wait to get a cold! 🙂


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