Vanilla Raised Doughnuts!

Vanilla Raised Doughnuts!

My family is crazy about doughnuts!  My daughter has asked for doughnuts on her birthday for as long as I can remember and she and my husband regularly sneak out on Saturday mornings to satisfy the their craving.  I found this recipe among my tear outs from last year and decided to give it a try over Easter weekend.  While the recipe is a bit time consuming it is not difficult and the result is a delicious doughnut. The addition of a 1/2 tsp. Mace gives them a yummy old fashioned  flavor and proofing them in a cool oven over a hot water bath gives them the perfect environment to raise resulting in a light delicate dough.  The recipe also goes on to offer three interesting flavored sugar options, but for me a light dusting of regular old sugar while they were still warm out of the fryer was just perfect!   Also, as a little side note you do not need a doughnut cutter or special frying pan to make doughnuts.  To cut them out you can use a biscuit cutter, or a drinking glass and make them more like beignets and any deep pot will do for frying. As I said, doughnut making is a bit of a process so you should set aside a lazy weekend morning, make yourself a big pot of coffee and have fun!


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